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Neil Gaiman: Why Disney's Sleeping Beauty doesn't work
"You don't need princes to save you," says Neil Gaiman, speaking about his new fairy tale, The Sleeper and the Spindle. "I don't have a lot of patience for stories in which women are rescued by men." And so, in his slim, gilded, wicked book, a ...

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Watch Neil Gaiman Read Bad Imitations of Himself
Neil Gaiman was recently on the Wits American Public Media podcast where he got to read the "worst of the worst" of their "Bad Gaiman Challenge": paragraphs that tried (badly) to imitate Gaiman's style of prose. You can listen to the whole episode here ...
Listen To Neil Gaiman Read Out Terrible Fake Neil Gaiman StoriesGizmodo Australia

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It's A Neil Gaiman Universe; We Just Live In It
Neil Gaiman has created some of the most extraordinary, eccentric characters to ever grace the page and screen. His mastery of fantasy, horror and sci-fi has endeared many to books such as The Ocean at the End of the Lane, American Gods and Coraline.

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Want Free Books? Neil Gaiman And David Handler Can Hook You Up
If you live in New York City and you haven't yet read all of the National Book Award finalists, Wednesday morning is your chance to grab some copies. In the Great Book Giveaway, authors Neil Gaiman and David Handler will compete to see who can give ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Watch Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler Compete to See Who Can Give Away ...
Slate Magazine (blog)
In anticipation of tonight's National Book Awards in New York City, presenters Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler competed in Washington Square Park to see who could give away the most NBA–nominated books for free. The line was long and the temperature ...

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